Caller ID and Call Rejection Options

Caller ID and Call Rejection Options

This feature helps you identify your Inbound caller’s CLI and set any call rejection options.

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Click Switchboard and select the number you want to use.
  3. Inbound.
  4. Toggle Caller ID & Rejections.
  5. Toggle the option(s) for caller ID and rejections.
  6. Input Blacklisted numbers into the text box.
  7. Click Save settings to update.

Call Waiting allows you to receive other concurrent calls while you are already busy on the phone, without blocking the line straight away. With this feature ON, you will hear a beep every time another call comes in and you will be able to end or put on hold your current call and answer the new one, or send the inbound call to voicemail.

The caller will remain on hold until the call is answered or ended.

Please note, Call Waiting will work for the number of channels available on the account at the moment. when there are no more channels, the last caller will hear a busy signal and will be routed according to the features configured in the phone system.

To enable this option is really simple, just toggle on the Call Waiting option under Caller ID & Rejections.

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