MicroSIP Configuration

MicroSIP Configuration

MicroSIP is an open-source portable SIP softphone based on PJSIP stack for Windows OS. It allows you to make high-quality VoIP calls via open SIP protocol.

Quick Guide:

  • Download and install MicroSIP on your PC.
  • Username: phone number (Please note to include country and area code eg 1310xxxxxxx).
  • Domain: plus.2talk.com
  • Password: [phone number password - can be found on your switchboard]

Fixing the Settings

Click on the menu button and choose Settings or simply Ctrl + P.

Achieving Best Voice Quality

Voice quality depends on the audio codec that was selected in negotiation for the current call session.

Codecs by quality

High quality: Opus 24kHz; Speex 16kHz; Speex 32kHz; SILK 16 kHz; SILK 24kHz; G.722 16kHz
Medium quality: SILK 12kHz; G.711 8kHz (PCMU and PCMA); AMR-WB 16kHz
Enhanced quality: AMR 8kHz; iLBC 8kHz
Low quality: GSM 8kHz; G.723 8kHz; G.729 8kHz; Speex 8kHz; SILK 8kHz; GSM 8kHz

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