United States Ports IPs and our Network

United States Ports IPs and our Network


TCP/TLS Proxytls.2talk.com (port 5061)
SIP Peering27.111.12.66
SIP Registration27.111.12.66 (plus.2talk.com)
SIP Port – UDP5060
SIP Port – TLS5061 (ensure transport = TLS)
DNS Primary27.111.12.81 (ns1.2talk.com)
DNS Secondary27.111.12.4 (ns2.2talk.com)
Firewall IP Range27.111.12.0/24
AS NumberAS55561

If using TLS verify whether your PBX or IP phone requires a TLS flag to be set as transport per the example below.

Other ports

RTPSet by your router (our port range is 30,000 – 40,000)
UDPTLSet by your router (our port range is 40,000 – 50,000)
t.38 (faxing)4000-6000
Primary NTPn/a

Real-Time Protocol (RTP)

RTP is the protocol used to deliver audio and video over IP networks. RTP uses the UDP protocol because its efficient in low-quality networks such as phones communicating over the public internet. (NB – while your router sets the specific RTP port, we will accept communication between the 30-40k range).

TLS Support

We support TLS connections from devices that support this protocol for deployments that require increased security. You can use tls.2talk.com as your proxy/host but remember to set the transport to TCP via 5061.

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