Use Hunt Groups for Managing Inbound Calls

Use Hunt Groups for Managing Inbound Calls

This service provides all users with a free and simple linear hunt group service. The service allows you to distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of up to 10 phone lines. You can decide if you want the hunt group to be enabled at all times or on specific days and times (such as outside of work hours). The service also allows you to set how long to wait before moving to the next number in the hunt group and whether to follow normal call logic or send calls to voicemail on no answer from the Hunt Group lines.

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Select your number.
  3. Select Switchboard.
  4. Select Inbound.
  5. Select Hunt Group.
  6. Select Hunt Group Active hours (eg. during work hours).
  7. Set up your Hunt Group by adding a Number and "Hunt next in" time frame. You can have up to 10 numbers (1st to 10th) in a Hunt Group.
  8. Click Save settings to update.

Note: These will always be tried in order 1-10, so ensure that you enter your Hunt Group numbers in the order of priority for answering calls. Each number can have its own timeout before moving on to the next number. The default is 10 seconds timeout for each number. If it is a number on your account, that number then is the number dialled directly, without following any ‘features’ on that line.

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